New Puppy Information

Here is some information you may find helpful in preparing for your new bundle:

We are feeding the kibble Hills Science Diet – Puppy Small Bites.  You may switch to another preferred food, we simply suggest doing so gradually and incrementally so as not to upset your baby’s digestive system.

We use and highly recommend Dinovite supplement for the prebiotics and probiotics, digestive enzyme benefits, and much more. for boosted immune systems and longer healthier lives. It’s all about the immune system! We also supplement with Organic Virgin Cold Pressed Coconut Oil on food.

When your pup comes to you, he or she will be doing well with potty training. Pups are following Momma out of her doggy door and this process is very natural for them as they are smart, observant babies. If needed, or in cold weather, an indoor potty park with artificial turf is helpful.  

Fav Things - Family Teddy BearsKong toys are very durable and mostly indestructible. You may leave your pup with a Kong toy and feel safe.  If chewing on antler or rawhide you will want to be present, in the unlikely event of a splinter.  They also love rawhide (made in the USA so as not to have the chemicals used in rawhide from other countries). 

For leash training, we recommend starting with an adjustable soft harness rather than a collar.

We suggest starting with a crate to be designated as pups safe haven/happy place as well as a non-potty/sleep/play area, with safe chew toys when leaving him/her alone. This works well until all patterns and a routine are established. Our Teddy Bear puppies love to stay as close to their people as possible. They really believe they ARE people. We believe it too!

IF you choose to neuter/spay, we recommend you do so after 10 months of age and separate from any vaccinations.

At Family Teddy Bears we are concerned with the over vaccinating and over medicating trend in conventional veterinary clinics. We recommend the ‘minimal vaccine protocol’ by Dr. Jean Dodds. Your pup’s immature developing immune system needs to be proactively protected.

If you find a holistic veterinarian in your area, you will never regret the choice. (

Please see the following link for important information on the side effects from common flea and tick products: 

We feed “free choice” which means food and water is available at all times. We believe this is more natural as there is no rushing, competing or gulping when eating. Also for puppies, we take food and water away at approximately 7pm, so as not to have any night time accidents. You should be able to let your pup out the last time at 10 or 11pm, depending on your schedule. Your baby should sleep for approximately 6 hours without accident when he/she first arrives at your home. (Longer periods as your pup grows.)

We love and highly recommend Dogs Naturally magazine for all your pet questions.  It is an excellent resource!  (

Thank you for trusting Family Teddy Bears with your new family member. Our only goal is for a sweet, happy, healthy life for your baby. We are here to support you for the long, hardy, healthy life of your Teddy Bear.

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