Teddy Bear Flights

🐾 We accompany your Teddy Bear on flights.  🐾

Flights are often the most direct, least stressful transportation for babies. Our Teddy Bears fly Delta, United, or American Airlines.  We acclimate our teddy bears to kennels of various sizes in their play area.  Teddy Bears play in & outside of kennels and also nap with their blankets and toys in the kennels.  Your Teddy

Bears will fly with their familiar blanket and toy.  Teddy Bears do sleep when an engine is running (just like babies) whether in your vehicle or on an airplane.  🐾

This has become a very popular means of transportation and in many circumstances the easiest and safest means of travel. The airlines are doing an exceptional job with pet transport as it has become very popular.  We do insure our Teddy Bears through the airline for flight. 

When two sibling Teddy Bears fly together in a kennel the cost per Teddy Bear to fly is less.  💕

The total cost for the Teddy Bear Flight is $450 anywhere in the domestic USA.

Including kennel, Airline flight, and Veterinary Interstate Health Certification.

When a Teddy is being personally accompanied in-flight / in the cabin, the fee for flight delivery may be different, depending on our travel plans. You can speak with us about accompanying your pup!  

We, along with our friends at Sonshine Pets, make all arrangements per your schedule and you pick up your Teddy Bear at your airport.

Revisit childhood magic with our real live Teddy Bears!

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